For this assignment, we had to go to a unique place and look around, take pictures, and take sketches of what we saw. I chose a very cool coffee shop named "Tres Leches Cafe". I loved this place, it is a very interesting place to just go and look at all the unique items they have in the shop. It is Mexican based so you will see lots of Mexican Art as well. Something I saw that was very prominent was the amount of times I saw Frida Khalo. So I decided to make a primary aspect of my poster. This poster was made as a collage.
These thumbnails were made at the coffee shop and they are based on anything I thought would be special or unique to the shop. It has so many items, it's kind of like a museum. Lots of Mexican Art and traditional Mexican items. Some sketches on here are also from outside of the shop. The outside had so many beautiful aspects to it.
These are my 40 poster thumbnails and 4 roughs. As you can see I went on and chose the Frida Khalo one because of her iconic look and she is very recognizable.

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