Cultura Gallery is an art gallery featuring some of the most exceptional artists in Phoenix. The gallery is a unique celebration of diverse art forms and mediums. Designing a powerful and memorable symbol that represents the essence of the gallery is paramount, as an emblem/logo is a crucial element when creating an event’s brand. To create the emblem/logo for Cultura Gallery, I drew inspiration from various Mexican art forms, including Aztec and Mayan iconography and traditional folk art, to imbue the symbol with cultural significance. The final logo is a sharp-edged type form, radiating boldness and creativity, reflecting the gallery’s diversity and artistic caliber.
The “A” in the logo has a star, a symbol used throughout many of the other branding elements. To ensure the branding’s longevity, it was crucial to make it adaptable since the gallery is an annual event. The logo’s versatility allows it to be used across various mediums, as evident in the mockups. To showcase the versatility of the branding, I created mockups of a ticket, banner, mural, and t-shirt for the gallery. Each design emphasized the essence of Mexican art and its unique characteristics, making them a perfect representation of Cultura Gallery.

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